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Jawad Khan
Programmer & Entrepreneur

Technical Skills
Frontend Technologies
Backend Technologies
Successfully delivered projects for clients like Verizon, Universal, Warner-Bros, Brisks, UN, Samsung, Philips, Peugeot, Renault, ADIPEC, e-Gov Dubai and more.
  • Delivered exceptional web / mobile solutions to world’s leading brands
  • Managed and built high end travel solutions
  • Developed a complete conference and exhibition mobile app for region’s largest oil and gas event the ADIPEC. App included features like real time voting, Q&A, surveys and more
  • Developed mobiles games
  • Created app for Dubai e-Gov showcased at GITEX
  • Expertise in API integrations, enterprise level web apps, CMS, e-commerce apps, data-visualization apps and more.
CTO / Founder
Sole Developer / Founder
Developed a powerful map editor. Mapjay.com is a service which allow users to create interactive map online.
Sole Developer / Founder
Developed data-visualizer.com for visualization projects. Recently worked on covid19 timeline animation project under this website. Technologies used are javascript, jquery, D3.js, HTML5, SVG, canvas
Godoba Portal LLC (Dubai, UAE)
Technical Manager (Mar 2017 to Feb 2020)
  • Managed design, development, integrations, testing, deployment, go live, maintenance and security.
  • Implemented integrations with world’s leading B2b suppliers.
  • Managed and developed Travel solutions, B2b modules, mobile apps, support systems and more.
Godoba Web/Mobile App & backends.
Managed and built complete Godoba travel solution for online sales. Built a high end solution focused for GCC market. Developed internal CMS for travel products. Done integrations for Web/mobile app with industry’s top providers. Enabling users to search and book travels instantly. Incorporated full security and privacy protection for its users.
Centric (Dubai, UAE)
Senior Technical Lead (Dec 2012 to Mar 2017)
  • Lead development teams on web and mobile based projects.
  • Managed multiple projects and delivered high quality releases on time
Developed mobile app for Middle East’s largest petroleum exhibition and conference. App can register users through their linked in profiles and connect participants of the exhibition. Speakers of the conference can initiate real-time Q&A sessions with attendees of the conference. Speakers can also send voting and surveys via push notifications to the attendees. The results of the voting / surveys are displayed in real-time to the speaker admin console.
Ooredoo Telecom
Lead the development on complete multilingual website of Ooredoo Telecom.
Mazrui Energy Services
Developed websites for Mazrui group companies like Sigma Engineering, Petrochem, and SICHEM etc.
United Nations UAE
Developed United Nations UAE website in wordpress CMS.
Philips Spirit of Innovation
Developed web application for Philips spirit of Innovation project. Users can draw scribbles on a drawing canvas and submit ideas with tweets. Scribbles become part of the collective art in a vast zoom able and scrollable wall.
Sole Developer / Founder
Developed a complete automobiles portal. Through this website users can quickly post car / bike ads, compare cars, post questions, send messages, search cars, upload rides and upload videos. Site is completely custom coded.
Zigron, Inc. (Isd, Pakistan)
Technical Lead (Nov 2006 to Sept 2012)
  • Lead development on web and mobile based projects.
  • Lead projects on full life-cycle including Database Design, Application Architecture, Development, Security, Quality Assurance, Optimization, Deployment, Maintenance and Scalability.
Quivus is an advanced EHR system for wide scale implementation on US based clinics. Its frontend is a tablet based app for the doctors which is built with Flex SDK.
Mobile/device TV (WhereverTv)
Developed working proto-type for a mobile TV, The software enables users to view live TV-channels using any telecom service provider’s internet settings. With this software client can stay connected with his favorite TV-channels.
Verizon Thinkfinity:
Thinkfinity is the educational project of Verizon developed in Drupal. I created various modules like extensive search with many dynamic filters integrated with google appliances search, etc.
Worked on many components in this app, like a dynamic org-chart, that can be used to add / remove employees from the graphical chart and database at runtime. The chart supports employees up to N level and can grow and adjust itself on runtime. Link: http://workforcegrowth.com/
Addictive Mobility (Toronto, CA)
Worked remotely on Rich internet apps (2006)
Developed app which allowed users to create their ring tones from various musical instruments. Users can drag / drop sounds on timeline and mix various sounds to create their ring tones. User can select various styles like, pop, techno etc.
IDInteractive (Manchester, UK)
Worked remotely on Rich internet apps (2006)
Developed client side ringtone applications for various singers of Europe and music companies.
BS (Computer. Science) 4 yrs
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, Pakistan