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Portfolio / Projects

Below is my work. This contains projects done as freelancer, own products and projects done for the companies I have worked with.




Developed entire web-portal for all travel solutions.
  • Built custom backend for travel packages. Travel Agents could create packages and set properties for entire itinerary. such as blocking dates, seasonal prices, types of hotels/rooms etc. Agents could use same backend for booking management etc. The backend also records agents online, agents activity as well as users online, users flow & activity.
  • Backend also enables custom ticketings, custom activities and custom payment links.
  • Integrated API's from world's leading travel suppliers for Hotels, Flights and Cruises
  • Implemented several other integrations like with payment gateways, sms services, google and AWS services etc.
  • Website offers all the content in multilingual. A backend was developed for the static content arabic translation where API's do not had relevant arabic content. Google translate API was integrated in this backend to facilitate the translator / reviewer.
Role:Technical Manager - Managed development of complete solution from inception to deployments and go live.

United Nations - UNCT

Developed website for UNCT - United Nations
  • Website provided latest news and updates on all the UN and its subsidiary activities relevant to the region.
  • Website admins could easily update content
  • Website was built over wordpress CMS.
Role: Lead Developer

Falcon Aviation

Developed website for Falcon aviation.
  • Resonsive frontend and easily manageable content through user-friendly backend
  • Website was also SEO-optimized.
Role: Team lead


Developed an automobiles portal.
  • Website enables users to buy or sell cars through it.
  • Website incorporates easy and powerful search options for user to find relevant cars
  • Website also incorporates other sections such as Rides and Bikes section.
Role: Lead Developer / Founder


Help developed web application for leading start-ups reviews company
Role: Technical Consultant


Developed a project for data visualizations.
  • This project involved data-visualizations using different types of animated graphs.
  • Website uses HTML5, javascript, D3js and other popular js charting libs
Role: Developer / Founder


Developed voting app.
  • Users can register via email or Facebook
  • Users can create vote question and share it
  • People can vote for their preferred choices and show their opinions.
  • Overall the app data can tell the trends, overall opinions, likes and dislikes of the community.
Role: Developer / Founder

Mazrui Energy Services

Developed website for Mazrui Energy Services and Group Companies like Sigma Engineering, Petrochem, and SICHEM etc.
Role:Team Lead

Ooredoo Telecom

Lead the development on complete multilingual website of Ooredoo Telecom.
Role:Team Lead


Lead the development on woocommerce based Kenkoh online store.

Mobile Apps



Developed mobile app for the region's largest pertroleum exhibition and conference. Developed the complete App and backend panel for Conference Speakers & Admins.
  • Speakers of the conference can initiate real-time Q&A sessions with attendees of the conference. Speakers can also send real-time voting and surveys via push notifications to the attendees. The results of the voting / surveys are displayed in real-time to the speaker admin console as graphs.
  • App can register users through their linkedin profiles and connect participants of the exhibition
  • App lists all events with notifications enabled event calendar
  • App lists all the exhibitors of the event in searchable lists.
  • Implemented complete searchable / zoomable map of 1000+ exhibitors event. Attendees can search for exhibitors and find shortest path to the pavilion from their current location
  • App maintained local db for offline capability but also could sync with live DB and important annoucements/news whenever network is available
  • Admins could send custom push notifications to all attendees or select groups from the app backend.
Role: Lead Developer (App & backend) - Developed app, testing and deployment.


Development of complete travel app.
  • App has custom packages, live hotel, flights, cruises, activities and sport activities bookings.
  • Written web-services and API-integrations with leading providers for hotels, flights etc.
  • Implemented payment integrations
  • Developed backend for booking managements, loggings, user-flow recording etc.
Role: Technical Manager & Developer


Developed a new photo app which makes managing photos easier.
  • Users could take photos using this app and apply relevant tags to it. User can later search his photo gallery using the tags
  • App could also read photo gallery and apply tags to un-tagged photos
Role:App Developer


Developed region's first online gifting app.
  • App allowed users to login via facebook.
  • App displayed upcoming birthdays of user's friends on the main app.
  • User could select a friend and send them gifts / gift vouchers
  • App was deployed for Android, iOS and blackberry platforms
Role: App Developer


Developed handbook app for doctors.
  • App contained organized searchable content for quick reference and further readings
Role: App Developer

Rich Internet Apps & Microsites


Samsung Hala B Hali

Developed microsite for Samsung Hala B Hali.
  • App had API-integrations with facebook, twitter and instagram.
  • Users could search for other members in social channels and invite them to the group
  • Users then can see various tagged groups on the customized & animated world map.
  • All animations, dragging, scrolling of the map was coded with on javascript & HTML5
Role: Developer (frontend & backend)

Samsung Duos App

Built App for Samsung Duos Campaign
  • App allowed users to capture photos using webcam, upload photos or get from their facebook photo gallery (if logged-in via facebook)
  • Fit photo using crop and scaling tools on different backgrounds provided
  • Drag & Drop objects on the scene. Scaling & rotation transformation were enabled on all objects.
  • Finally, User could share his/her creation on Facebook with Samsung branding and enter in the campaign.
Role: Developer (App & backend)

Dubai Creative Cluster Authority

Developed microsite / tool for Dubai Creative Cluster Authority.
  • The interactive tool allowed users to select categories, segments according to predefined business rules.
  • Users can view different services, liscense types and their fees
  • Users can add their selections into the organized cart and view total pricing.
  • Users could also submit surveys using this tool.
Role: Developer (frontend & backend)

Samsung Outdoor Quest

Developed microsite & interactive application for Samsung Note Campaign.
  • The app showcased 360 degrees panoramic image, which users could tap and explore
  • Quest involved locating hidden markers within the panoramic image
  • Upon successfully locating all markers, users could share completing the quest customized image on their facebook wall
Role: Developer

Dell Motion Detection Game

Developed a game featured for Dell GITEX stand.
  • Users had to capture the falling coins from the screen in the physical basket.
  • The game used webcam to detect the movement of basket. The real-time imagery data from the webcam was processed in the game to sync the movement of physical basket with the one in the game.
Role: Game Developer

Renault Campaign

Developed microsite and interactive tool for Renault's Captur Campaign.
  • Users had to showcase themselves in a creative way with Renault's new Captur model to enter the campaign.
  • App allowed users to select different available colors of the car.
  • Rotate the car 360 degrees and select best angle.
  • Upload or capture user photos
  • App implemented the pen tool to cut the background from the images. App maintained undo/redo history and allowed users to apply transformations on uploaded image.
Role: Developer

Samsung Chaton

Developed microsite and drawing app for Samsung's ChatOn Campaign.
  • The app allowed users to create beautiful drawings and share them to enter the campaign
  • App featured brush tools, color picker, text tools with options.
  • App was integrated with facebook api to share the creations on user's wall.
Role: Developer

Philips - Spirit of Innovation

Developed web application for Philips spirit of Innovation project.
  • Users could draw scribbles on a drawing canvas and submit ideas with hashtags.
  • Scribbles become part of the collective art in a vast zoom able and scrollable wall.
  • HTML5 canvas was used to create the draggable / zoomable scribbles wall
  • App was connected with twitter and facebook API's
Role: Developer

Feedback Management System

Developed mobile & tablet based app for real-time feedback. This app was built as a product with customizable UI / backend to cater multiple clients.
Role: Developer (App & backend)

Peugeot 508 - Microsite

Developed microsite for Peugeot 508.
Role: Team lead

Animated timeline of Covid-19 Pandemic

Developed animated timeline.
  • The world-wide animated timeline shows how the numbers grows in various countries.
  • Particle animation in the background of the actual timeline was also implemented. Particles were the textures of coronavirus which increases overtime.
  • Data was imported from European center of disease prevention.
Role: Lead Developer / Project owner

Sony Play Station - Campaign game

Developed campaign game for Sony PlayStation .
Role: Game Developer

Subway - Campaign Game

Built javascript memory matching game for Subway KSA Campaign.
Role: Game Developer

Gazuntite - EHR & Clinics app

This application was built with Apache Flex using Cairngorm framework which was built on MVC model. I was primarily involved at frontend development using MXML and Actionscript
Role: Developer (Frontend)

Online Ringtone Maker

The application allowed users to create & buy ringtones.
  • Users could select different artists/singers and then select song of their choice
  • Song was loaded and displayed to the user.
  • Users were provided tools to accurately cut the part of the song as their ringtone
Role: Developer (Frontend)

Product: Music Mixer

Developed a sound mixer application
  • Application allowed users to select sounds from various instruments.
  • Users were able to load sounds from selected instruments on the main timeline.
  • Duration and volume of each instrument could independently defined
Role: Developer / Product owner

Online Product Designer

This product allowed customers of online stores to create & design their products (such as T-shirts, mugs).
  • The customizable application could load any given products.
  • App allowed basic & advanced features for designing the product (Features could be enabled or disabled based on stores requirements.)
  • Users were able to create and submit their custom design products with this app.
Role:Developer / Product owner

Mobile Games


Curious kiddie

Developed a learning game / app for kids.
  • The App is very intuitive way of learning.
  • Drag / drop, swipe, sounds.
  • In-app purchases for additional content
  • link on google play
Role: Game Developer

PAF - The Art of Interceptors

Developed classic air battle game
  • Users fly combat planes to engage and destroy enemy planes. User rank is calculated by the levels based on randomly increasing difficultly levels. All aircrafts varies in speed, payloads, radar-range, fuel capacity.
  • Weapon Configuration Hangar: This section allowed users to manually configure aircraft with different types of weapons. The weapon carrying capability in the game matches with the real world aircrafts. Users can select from AAM BVR, WVR missiles, ASM, extra fuel tanks. The payload on the aircraft effects its performance in the gameplay.
  • The game play had several panels, like altitude meter, speed, available weapons, fuel, warning fuel indicator etc.
  • The game play also incorporated Radar. The range of detection for radar varied from aircraft to aircraft. Radar showed accurate positioning of enemy in advance.
  • Particles effects: Game had some effects like smoke and explosion effects.
  • Game allowed optional facebook login, score saving and leaderboard. Leaderboard showed overall high scores and high scores by FB friends as well.
  • Game had over 20K downloads and received 4.5+ rating on Google play
Role: Game Developer

JF17 - Strike Fighter

Developed 2d air shooting game.
  • Game is a single mission with randomly increasing difficultly.
  • Early enemy waves contains combat aircrafts, later Frigates with Anti-Aircraft missiles and SAM sites also appears.
Role: Game Developer